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Baby Balance

For confident crawlers & wobbly walkers!

Baby Balance helps build the vital pathways in a child’s brain that lead to functional movement patterns, supporting their healthy growth and development.

Children learn through movement. They are constantly exploring, experiencing various sensations, practising and repeating new skills to consolidate their learning.

These carefully crafted free-play sessions create an environment plentiful in opportunities for early mobility. The setting is simultaneously challenging and safe, thoughtfully designed to ignite a child’s natural curiosity and intrinsic motivation to move and explore their surroundings.

Confident crawlers and wobbly walkers benefit from less structure and more supervised freedom. They enjoy a safe space to affirm their newfound mobility and self-direct their learning: climbing, practising over and under, discovering textures, pushing, pulling, vertical play and much more!

A qualified Developmental Play Practitioner will greet you and your child in the play studio and remain on hand for any questions.

Baby Balance at Calmababy

What can I expect in your Baby Balance sessions?

  • A variety of equipment and activities to provide a changing sensory-rich environment
  • Child-led play and total freedom to move and explore the play area fully
  • Social interaction for both parents and babies
  • A qualified practitioner to welcome you and offer ideas on how to unlock the full potential of the play equipment
  • Opportunities for your child to practice using their gross and fine motor skills
  • Time to play together and connect away from the distraction of the outside world
  • Fun – lots and lots of fun!

Bookings & Class Availability

Baby Balance is a session for confident crawlers and wobbly walkers. Children develop at their own rate, so the exact age is difficult to set. However, we suggest this session is suitable for established crawling until around 16-18 months.

Please book via our App or contact us. Before making a booking, please read our Terms & Conditions.

Payment options:

  • Baby Balance – £5 per child (inc. vat)

If no classes are shown in the timetable below, please select a future date in the calendar.

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