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The Importance of Postnatal Recovery

Beginning with a gentle approach is vital.

On Instagram a few weeks ago, we saw a video of a mother who has created a range of exercises to do while breastfeeding. Not during the period of breastfeeding but actually, while the baby is feeding.

We watched in surprise, as she lunged, twisted, jumped and squatted, with her newborn baby attached to her breast. It got us thinking. It got us discussing!

As a new mother, how would I feel watching this video?

When our newborn baby arrives, our life is transformed in entirely unexpected ways. Often, one of these changes is how we feel about our postpartum body. We may well be in awe of our body and what it has done. It has conceived, grown, sustained, developed and birthed a baby, or two!

We look at ourselves in the mirror and see the bits that have changed. Sometimes we don’t like what we see. There may be lumps, bumps, lines and scars. Perhaps we move and smell differently. We may not feel like the same person anymore.

In the public eye, we see celebrities who appear to snap back in to shape days after having their babies. They are out in their figure-hugging clothes, their hair and make-up looking perfect. So sometimes we think “is this how I should look?”

The answer is NO! There is no such thing as how we ‘should look’, just how we ‘do look’.

In light of this pressure from the media, the temptation can be to go straight into high-intensity exercise, to ‘burn off’ the baby weight, to flatten the ‘mum-tum’, to regain our ‘pre-baby’ figure quickly.

Many classes designed for postnatal mothers involve practices that do not support the postpartum body; including squatting with the legs wide apart, burpees and sit-ups. These movements can do more harm than good to a mother whose core is not healed and restored. Often the exercise is counter-productive to the objective, which in the postpartum period is to close the body – not open it more.

The priority should be to nurture and care for our amazing bodies. To breathe and relax, realign the spine, regain the pelvic muscles and restore the deep muscle layers of the abdomen first. There is time for high intensity later when the body has rested and is ready: in about 6-months, or longer depending on the birth.

A team of highly trained, experienced teachers deliver our Postnatal Program. They know how to gently and effectively support a mother – mind, body and spirit – through her fourth trimester and the first year of motherhood.

All classes spend time working with the breath. Our specific postnatal breathing patterns recharge the body with new energy and clear the fog of sleep interruption. They help to strengthen the body, in particular, the stomach and pelvic floor. By drawing the muscles that are stretched during pregnancy inwards and upwards, so they can hold the spine, pelvis and internal organs in correct alignment.

We have stretches and exercises that can be used correctly to help repair separated stomach muscles (Diastasis Recti) as well as ones that can restore muscle tone to the perineal, pelvic and abdominal muscles.

Every class ends with a moment of relaxation for you to enjoy with your baby. Relaxation is vital in helping you to nurture yourself and thrive as a mother. To overcome worries and avoid the build-up of pressure that often accompanies the demands of raising a new baby.

As you re-establish your strength and muscle tone, you will be able to increase and develop the exercises to suit your body without causing stress or strain. Later, if and when you feel ready, you can move on to higher intensity exercise.

The overall aim of our Postnatal Program is to give you time to relax, restore, energise and tone your body kindly. To understand your hormones, emotions, make sense of the often weird thoughts new mothers experience and calm the mind. All in a non-judgmental environment, where you can bring your baby and share time with other new mothers.

Take this time to look after yourself. Do things that make you feel good. Breathe. Rest. Allow yourself to heal. Don’t look at what everyone else is doing (or at least what they put on Facebook and Instagram!) and think you should be like them.

The Calmababy Postnatal Program includes classes from birth to pre-crawling including:
Coffee, Cake and Coping
Postnatal Yoga
Baby Massage
Mother and Baby Yoga

Sarah Collister
Pregnancy & Postnatal Teacher