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Toddler & Pre-School Swimming

Attending toddler & pre-school swimming classes has extraordinary benefits!

Our toddler & pre-school swimming lessons are popular with children and parents alike.

We offer a safe, fun, water-based environment and teach effective swimming skills to boost your child’s confidence and ability.

Our swimming pool was built especially for babies and young children. Our pool temperature is a toasty 33-34˚C, and bromine provides sanitation with secondary disinfection via an ultraviolet light system.

The benefits of toddler & pre-school swimming:

  • The body – consolidates motor skills and healthy development, enhances co-ordination and helps refine movement
  • The brain – swimming supports the progression from reflex to voluntary movement; children who swim regularly are better developed socially and mentally
  • The heart – provides focussed uninterrupted time for parent/child connection, promotes a sense of belonging and enjoyment of socialising

How do we teach?

We use our own method of teaching, and our swim program is founded on more than 25 years of experience and learning. Through progressive teaching practices, children will learn how to master their breath control and how to propel themselves through the water.  We encourage free movement in the water at a time when your child is both physically and emotionally ready.

Using the wonder of their imagination and by playing challenging yet fun games, they will learn new water safety and stroke development skills on their journey to independent swimming.

We do this by:

  • Working at the child’s pace: Promoting independence in the water at the right time enables their confidence to flourish
  • Lesson Planning: Carefully planned weekly sessions, which focus on breathing, swimming skills and having fun both above and under the water
  • Focusing on safety: To ensure every child understands the importance of safe behaviour around water
  • Repetition: Repetition of activities enables positive learning; every week, the sessions repeat previously learned skills and also add in new ones
  • Adopting a gentle approach: Remaining focused on the parent-child relationship, and when ready, allowing the child to explore their own capabilities
  • Having fun!!

Because our teaching method is sensitive to the abilities of each individual child, we do not follow a strict program of training children to meet a certain level of ability. Instead, our approach centres on safety, having fun and swimming with your child in an environment free from expectations and pressure to meet criteria based on performance.

Our lesson plans are flexible enough to ensure that progression is made in swimming ability at the child’s pace without pressure or force.

With thanks to Birthlight for expert training, support and inspiration.

“We have taken my daughter since she was a baby, she is now 4. We have loved it. The teachers have been very supportive and encouraging. All the staff are lovely too and the facility is fantastic. Along with Selina’s cafe to catch up with friends from the class.” Dawn Ream

Bookings & Class Availability

Toddler & Pre-School Swimming Classes are for 1-year to 4-years old and are booked in 10-week terms. Swimming spaces for current or future terms are booked in advance by prior arrangement, please contact us for availability.

Because our approach to swimming is gentle and child focussed, it is possible to join at any time during the term and pay on a pro-rata basis. Please see our Timetable to view class schedules for the current term.

Groups are limited to eight children per class with one parent in the water. Before making a booking, please ensure you read our Terms & Conditions.

Payment options:
One child – £155 per term (inc. vat)
Second child – £125 per term (inc. vat)
**Payment is due in advance to secure your space and can be made in full or in two instalments

If no classes are shown in the timetable below, please select a future date in the calendar. 

Register with us now to swim in Term 2, starting Monday 11 March! More Info