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The Calmababy App

How to Use the Calmababy App

We are always looking for ways to improve the customer experience at Calmababy, which is why, in August 2016, we launched the Calmababy App. It’s amazing to think that it was over five years ago! In that time, we’ve continued to make subtle changes to improve its functionality and user-friendliness for you. If you don’t have our App it can be downloaded free of charge here:

Why launch an App?

Our fundamental reason for launching the app was to give you easy access to your account and bookings. It gives you the ability to book classes and courses and to cancel and re-arrange sessions you can’t attend. 

Prior to launching the app, we received many requests from you asking to re-arrange classes due to holidays, sickness or other engagements. And while we love chatting with our customers, we just thought the app would be a helpful tool to give you the freedom to arrange some of these simple requests for yourself.

At Calmababy, it’s common to see replacement classes being booked in the wee small hours. This always makes us smile and we can imagine a late-night feed happening simultaneously!


So what can the app do? Via the Calmababy app, you can;

  • Cancel classes you cannot attend and arrange replacement sessions
  • View your account, purchases, and upcoming classes
  • Browse and book a range of other services
  • View Selina’s menu
  • Receive push notifications
  • Automatically check-in to classes when you arrive at the Centre

A few simple rules

As with all good things in life, there are a few simple rules you will need to follow – especially when booking replacement classes for missed swimming sessions. 

  • You can only book replacement classes for up to 7 days in advance. We took this decision so that new customers joining mid-term won’t have to miss a class in the middle of their schedule.
  • Classes need to be cancelled at least one hour before their start time. This hopefully allows enough time for other parents to book these sessions as replacements. For some age ranges, we know that replacement spaces can be in short supply. By cancelling the classes you cannot attend in advance, helps free up space on the schedule.

Accessing your account

If you have an account with us, simply log in with your username (the email address we have on file) and your password. If you don’t have a password or cannot remember it, tap the ‘Forgot Password’ link on the login screen and the App will send you a reset link. Hopefully, you now have access, but if not please contact the Centre and one of the team will be happy to help.

We are very proud of the app and love the freedom it has offered our customers. Thank you for the great feedback we have received, we will continue to develop the app in future to enable us to deliver even more value to you. If you would like further information on how the app can work for you or if you need help setting up any of the above services please call the Centre. One of the team will be happy to assist you.

Best wishes

Chris Duff

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