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Baby Swimming

Attending baby swimming classes has extraordinary benefits!

Our approach to baby swimming is well known for being gentle, baby focused, progressive and fun.

We use our own method of teaching, and our swim program is founded on more than 25 years of experience and learning. We encourage free movement in the water at a time when your baby is both physically and emotionally ready.

The focus of our baby swimming sessions is to learn how to swim with your baby, rather than just teaching your baby how to swim. This subtle difference is what makes our classes so popular and so very effective; the parent and child bond is enhanced.

Our swimming pool was built especially for babies and young children. The pool temperature is a toasty 33-34˚C and sanitation is provided by bromine with secondary disinfection via an ultraviolet light system.

The benefits of baby swimming:

  • The body – supports overall healthy development, improves eating and sleeping, enhances co-ordination
  • The brain – swimming supports the progression from reflex to voluntary movement, babies who swim regularly are better developed socially and mentally
  • The heart – enhances parent/child bonding and relaxation, promotes a sense of belonging and enjoyment of socialising

How do we teach?

Because our teaching method is sensitive to the abilities of each baby and child, we do not follow a rigorous training program where the child is meant to meet a certain level of ability.

Instead, our approach centres on bonding, having fun and swimming with your baby in an environment free from expectations and pressure to meet criteria based on performance.

Progression in swimming ability is achieved through our flexible lesson plans at your child’s own pace.

We do this by:

  • Reading cues and ‘listening’ to your baby: Every baby displays a set of facial expressions and body movements to communicate feelings. Learning about and ‘listening’ to this unique language ensures babies remain relaxed and happy in the water.
  • Adopting a gentle approach: Remaining focused on the parent-child relationship and working to enhance bonding and attachment.
  • Working at the child’s pace: Promoting freedom in the water at the right time enables confidence to flourish.
  • Repetition: Repetition of activities enables learning; every week the sessions repeat previously learned skills and also add new ones.
  • Giving attention to each of the four main milestones of development: Rolling, sitting, standing and walking. Each developmental stage offers a unique window of opportunity in the water-based environment and is characterised by certain reflexes. Working with these reflexes enhances baby development.
  • Focusing on safety: To ensure every child understands the importance of safe behaviour around water.
  • Having fun!!


Baby reflexes and swimming:

Babies are born with natural reflexes that enable them to be underwater safely for short periods of time. Known as submersion, this practice can, when practised correctly, offer a sense of freedom and enjoyment for your baby. Although we do teach this technique, our classes do not focus heavily on submersion.

We believe that your baby should only be submerged when they are fully engaged and accepting of the practice. Submersion should be encouraged, not forced. By offering babies and children expansive movement in the water, reflexes will naturally integrate and become conscious actions in their own time.

With thanks to Birthlight for expert training, support and inspiration.

Bookings & Class Availability

Baby Swimming Classes are available from eight weeks to one year old and are booked in 10-week terms. Swimming spaces for current or future terms are booked in advance by prior arrangement, please contact us for availability.

Due to our gentle, baby focussed approach, it is possible to join at any time and pay on a pro-rata basis. However, babies should be a minimum of 7-8 weeks old at the start of a new term. If your baby is under 8 weeks old we advise you to wait until the following term.

Groups are limited to eight babies per class with one parent in the water. Before making a booking, please ensure you read our Terms & Conditions.

Please see our Timetable to view class schedules for the current term.

Payment options:
One child – £155 per term (inc. vat)
Second child – £125 per term (inc. vat)
**Payment is due in advance to secure your space and can be made in full or in two instalments

If no classes are shown in the timetable below, please select a future date in the calendar.

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