ToddlerCalm™ is a unique concept, aiming to empower parents to raise their toddler with confidence. ToddlerCalm™ helps parents to understand their child’s frustrations, avoid tantrums and aid restful sleep; turning tantrumming toddlers and stressed parents into calmer toddlers and happier parents!

Toddlers can be a real challenge; from picky eating to clingy behaviour to tantrums and sleep problems. Sometimes parents don’t know how to make things better. Support is few and far between and often relies on strict behavioural techniques such as ‘time out’ and ‘naughty steps’.  These techniques often make both toddler and parent more stressed and provides only a short-term solution to the problem.

ToddlerCalm™ is here to help parents foster a harmonious relationship with their toddler. Our workshops are suitable for all parents of toddlers aged from one and three years old. Attending a course will help you understand your toddler, how they are developing and what is happening within their brain. You can then use this knowledge to help your toddler to be more calm and contented, which in turn leads to a happier mummy and daddy!

There are two ToddlerCalm Workshops to attend. You can attend one or both as they compliment each other beautifully.

The ToddlerCalm Workshop

This three-hour workshop helps you understand why tantrums happen and what you can do to help your toddler remain happy and calm. This workshop can be taken in advance of the toddler years, or when they are aged between one and three years old.

“Thank you so much, everything you said makes so much sense and has helped already. I can really understand why he has tantrums now and can often stop them before they start, even if I don’t catch one in time I know I have skills to calm him quickly.” Josie and Matthew, 2 years

The Toddler Sleep Workshop

Learn to understand your toddler’s sleep patterns: why they frequently wake up during the night, can sometimes experience night terrors, and often wake up early in the morning.

This three-hour workshop helps you build confidence in your night-time parenting skills thus enabling you to make sense of your child’s sleeping habits.

“The ToddlerCalm™ workshop really opened my eyes. What you say makes so much sense and is so obvious now I think about it. Your approach is so fresh and so needed. Thank you.” Emma and Chloe, 18 months

Bookings & Class Availability  

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How to Book

Costing just £35 per family the 3-hour workshop will equip you with a better understanding of your toddlers behaviour, why they have tantrums,  can be picky eaters or perhaps have sleep problems and be clingy.

Next workshop dates: ToddlerCalm Workshop, Saturday 25th November 2017 12.30pm

All bookings are made directly with Katie who runs the workshops, to make a booking please visit –

If no courses are showing in the timetable below, please scroll forward through the calendar to find the next start date.

To make a booking or enquire about spaces please contact us here or call us on 01733 707 808

Please ensure you view our Booking Terms & Conditions before making a booking with us.

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