Coffee, Cake & Carrying

Coffee, Cake & Carrying has been specifically designed for women (35 weeks +) to focus on themselves during late pregnancy. To prepare and rehearse for labour and birth, and spend time connecting with other women whose babies will arrive around the same time.

This is a hybrid class covering childbirth preparation, breathing, pregnancy and birth yoga, labour circuits, discussion and of course….time for coffee and cake in Selina’s afterwards! 

Each session will include:
➢ Gentle stretches and Birthlight Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth
➢ Deep breathing
➢ Positions for labour and birth
➢ Labour circuits and how to set them up in hospital and at home
➢ Pelvic floor exercises
➢ Relaxation

In addition to this, there will be time to ask questions and share topics specific to labour and birth, for example:

➢ Natural pain relief ideas
➢ Birth wishes
➢ Possible interventions and complications
➢ How to know you are in labour
➢ Hospital bag ideas
➢ Ideas for a supportive partner

The sessions run on Monday mornings from 11.15am and can be attended on a single session basis or in blocks. Attendance from 35 weeks up to birth is most beneficial, however it is possible to join from 32 weeks under certain circumstances. Please contact us to discuss personal situations.

Bookings & Class Availability  

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