Gentle Childbirth Workshop

Welcome to the Gentle Childbirth Workshop. This workshop will prepare you for the birth of your baby using gentle, active and highly effective practices. Our program adopts the Birthlight philosophy to labour and childbirth and is a chance for you to focus on one of the most important events of your life.

During the workshop you will learn about three essential elements that help contribute to a gentle, positive birth experience: movement, positioning and breathing.

We explore the fundamental aspects of labour and birth: how the natural release of hormones affects the rhythm and flow of labour and how the position of the mother’s body will aid the journey of the baby through the birth canal. Learn about the stages of labour, what to expect, and practical tools for fathers and birth partners to help and support the woman in labour.

You will learn specific breathing practices, the importance of labour circuits and how to stay active and upright during labour – wherever that takes place! There is also plenty of time to ask questions and discuss your thoughts in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere.

This Gentle Childbirth Workshop Includes:

  • How we can influence and change the birth experience
  • The importance of the partner in labour and birth
  • Hormones and the primal brain
  • The signs and stages of labour:  what happens, and how the baby is born
  • The perception of pain and natural pain relief methods
  • Labouring in water and water births
  • Labour circuits: How to create a ‘circuit’ for active birthing positions wherever labour takes place
  • The advantages of upright positions: having an active labour and birth
  • Massage and positions for birth
  • The physical and emotional environment
  • Dealing with complications that may arise: knowing your options
  • Celebration of birth!

Our workshops are led by Sarah Collister.  Sarah is a mother of three boys. She is a Certified Infant Massage Instructor, and is qualified in Birthlight Yoga for Pregnancy, Postnatal Yoga and Childbirth Preparation.

Rest assured by choosing to attend our birthing course you are in knowledgeable, wise and experienced hands.

Bookings & Class Availability  

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How to Book

This complete course for pregnant women and their birthing partners runs over two days, Saturday & Sunday from 9:30am to 1pm at Calmababy in Peterborough. (Unless otherwise stated)

Costing £60 per couple and open to all pregnant woman from 28/30 weeks onward.

Next workshop dates:
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To make a booking or enquire about spaces please contact us here or call us on 01733 707 808

Please ensure you view our Booking Terms & Conditions before making a booking with us.

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