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accreditation_logoAttending our water based yoga classes is one of the best things you can do for your body, mind and baby whilst pregnant. Accredited by The Royal College of Midwives, the classes offer you a gentle and easily accessible way to exercise, relax and prepare for the birth of your baby.

Enjoy deep, effective yet gentle stretching using the breath to open the pelvis, strengthen the spine and abdominal muscles and learn how to gain control of the pelvic floor muscles so they can be used to birth your baby lightly.

“I started aqua yoga 20 weeks into my pregnancy and had my last class 2 days before my baby was born. I looked forward to the class every week, it was wonderful to feel weightless, relax and connect with my baby. The relaxation techniques and positions learnt in the classes were invaluable and kicked in instinctively when I went into labour. I was able to have a water birth and felt so at home and calm in the water. I really miss the classes now baby is here but we love coming to the centre for swimming lessons together and look forward to sharing more special experiences in the water.” Taryn Moore, mum to Ellie.

The benefits of Aquanatal Yoga

  • to enjoy a gravity free environment
  • to open the pelvis and prepare for birth
  • to stretch and strengthen the spinal and abdominal muscles
  • to gain control of the pelvic floor muscles so that they can be relaxed whilst giving birth
  • to expand breathing capacity and improve sleep
  • to relax deeply and release worries or fears
  • to connect with the growing baby

Aquanatal Yoga Classes Include:

Swimming: Swimming is the best form of exercise available to pregnant women. Learn the correct adaptations of classic swimming strokes to accommodate the growing baby and support the pelvis and changes in the body.

Yoga: movements in water: Simple, classic yoga poses are adapted to the water making exercise enjoyable for all pregnant women, particularly if they are suffering from backache or pelvic pain, or if they are overweight. Bodies feel virtually weightless in water enabling deep stretching. Spinal alignment and exercise to open the hips and pelvis are a welcome part of each session.

Breathing exercises: Deeper, more expansive breathing has many benefits for the mother and baby, and is of great importance through all stages of pregnancy, labour and birth. With practice, all the muscles of the pelvis become involved in full breathing, which provides a powerful tool in labour.

Relaxation: Aqua Yoga brings a sense of deep relaxation. Floating in water offers a unique experience of unity, as the baby is suspended in water (amniotic fluid) inside the mother, so the mother can share this experience of hanging in water and connection with the baby.

Preparing for birth: Using the water as a medium to explore and expel fears attached to labour. Explore positions for labour, how to open the hips and pelvis allowing optimal space for the baby, prepare for delivery and birthing the baby.

Group work: To offer and receive support, and get to know the other expectant mothers in the group.

Thanks to Francoise Freedman, Shawn Tomlinson and Birthlight for expert training. For more information on Birthlight please go to

Bookings & Class Availability  

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How to Book

Classes can be attended from the 14th week of pregnancy and continued until 40 weeks+. The course fees are:
5 class pass – £55 valid for 6 weeks from the date of the first class.
10 class pass  – £99 valid for 12 weeks from the date of the first class. *Best Value*
Drop-in classes – £12.50

If your baby arrives earlier than expected, any unused classes may be credited to your Calmababy account and used for other classes e.g. baby swimming, Coffee, Cake & Coping or baby massage.

If no courses are showing in the timetable below, please scroll forward through the calendar to find the next start date.

To make a booking or enquire about spaces please contact us here or call us on 01733 707 808

Please ensure you view our Booking Terms & Conditions before making a booking with us.

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