Child Ages: 3-4

From the age of four years and onwards, children become self-assured and imaginative little individuals. They are skilled at socializing and role-playing is an important part of their daily play. Your four year old is becoming a highly capable little person who understands consequence and how their actions affect other people.  We use their understanding of co-operative play and games with simple rules in our classes to make learning to swim even more fun.

Child Classes

  • Child Swimming

    Pre-school swimming classes are available throughout the week and are as popular with parents as they are with children. Our program is progressive and designed so that it does not matter at what age your child joins.

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  • Underwater Photography

    Once every term children get the chance to show off their skills for the camera at our Aquatic Photoshoot. Both above and underwater images are taken to capture their pure enjoyment and magic of swimming.

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  • First Aid

    Learn emergency skills in this two-hour workshop and know what to do if a child is choking, drowning or not breathing.

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Special thanks to Keri Duckett, Adam Jay, Mae Burke, Jo Rodgers and Nicola Gwyther for their wonderful talent and spectacular photographs. Keri Duckett: | Nicola Gwyther: | Mae Burke: | Jo Rodgers: Willow Photography
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