Newborn Flotation

Born from water, babies have an innate ability to move freely in this aquatic environment. Allowing gentle and calm floating re-connects a baby to their womb experience. We teach you how to handle your baby with a light touch, that still feels supportive, but at the same time allows the baby maximum freedom to move and open their bodies in the water when they are ready. Parents watch with amazement as their newborn baby relaxes in their hands and embraces the new experience.

As confidence grows we teach you to swim with your baby balanced on your chest and show you the positive practices that help baby progress from reflex to voluntary movement. It is not essential to swim with your baby; nervous or non-swimmers can still experience this magic through adaptations and support from the teacher or with flotation aids such as swim noodles or woggles.

Whilst accidental face dips and submersion does sometimes happen, it is important to note that we do not intentionally submerge babies in this class. These sessions are designed to allow the baby the time and space to simply enjoy the blissful experience of floating.

The sessions are the perfect introduction to water, laying down positive foundations that lead onto and prepare for baby swimming classes.  Babies feed well and sleep wonderfully after a session in the water and parent’s confidence in handling their newborn is improved.

General Information for Parents:

  1. As injections are not necessary, your newborn baby can swim from birth. The youngest baby to come swimming in our pool to date is six days old! Please refer to the NHS website for full information on immunisations.
  2. Our newborn sessions are open to all parents with a baby aged between 0-3 months and who weighs more than seven pounds .

Bookings & Class Availability  

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How to Book

Sessions cost £11.50 each. No block booking is necessary, we have only 6 babies per session and both parents can attend each time.

This is an open session, so please feel free to attend as often as you like. To book your space online you need an account with us. To set this up, please contact us.

If no courses are showing in the timetable below, please scroll forward through the calendar to find the next start date.

To make a booking or enquire about spaces please contact us here or call us on 01733 707 808

Please ensure you view our Booking Terms & Conditions before making a booking with us.

Special thanks to Keri Duckett, Adam Jay, Mae Burke, Jo Rodgers and Nicola Gwyther for their wonderful talent and spectacular photographs. Keri Duckett: | Nicola Gwyther: | Mae Burke: | Jo Rodgers: Willow Photography
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